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Texas Food Manager Training ($29.95) and optional Texas DSHS Exam $29.95. (best deal), by Texas Best Food Services Training. Both $60.00. CLICK HERE

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The above course is with our VAR 360 Training.

$95.00 on all other sites!

DSHS license # 10009.

Certified Food Manager Training Course $30.00 in English Enables you to take the Texas DSHS CFM exam or the national ANSI CFM exam. Compare prices online. Simply the best, as always. Totally online, and enjoyable. Course by Texas Best Food Services Training. Certification valid for five years.

To become a certified food protection manager, candidates must pass the DSHS-accredited food protection manager exam. The safety training involves additional expenses, though the pay-off for the employee and employers is surely invaluable in the long-term. The training will not certify you as a food manager. It prepares you for the roles and responsibilities of a Texas Food Manager and enables you to sail through the exam, which does certify you as a Texas Food Manager. Certification is valid for five years.

CFM Training

After listening to many complaints from our customers who have taken other provider’s Food Manager Training, such as the material on the exam was not what was covered in their training course, we developed a course which clearly covers every question on the exam.

Our primary goal is to ensure that well trained and qualified food managers are running Texas’s restaurants. Therefore, our training program not only covers the material on the exam, but the other material which a Texas Food Manager must know. We are very sure that our training will provide the most qualified food managers in Texas.

The course is 12 hours long, as required by law, and is divided into movies. Get a pencil and paper for notes, grab some popcorn, and watch a movie. Study a module, take a break, then go to the next one.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.z If you take our food manager training course, we will guarantee your passage on the exam. Both the training and exam must be taken through our websites. The training is on our sister site – texas-food-handler.com, both owned by Texas Best Food Services Training. Training price is $30.00 and includes phone support for questions concerning the content of the course and other food manager related questions. We are here to ensure your success. Please note that Texas DSHS has not approved this course yet. We are working on it.

Texas Food Manager Training Course Enrolement

Food Manager Exam

Preparing for the exam. Please read carefully.

There are 70 questions on the exam. To pass, you must correctly answer 70% of them. The exam will show you how you are doing as you progress through it.

The test is timed. You have one and one half (1 1/2) hour to complete the exam.

Once the exam is begun, you must continue the exam. This must be done in one sitting.

Once the exam is begun, you cannot do anything on your device except continue with the exam. If you open a new browser page, for example, you will instantly fail the exam.

At the beginning, it will ask you several questions such as what your favorite color is. Record your answers to be sure that you remember how you answer them. This is not as silly as it seems. During the exam, you will be asked these questions, and they must be properly answered or you will fail the exam. Their purpose is to attempt to ensure that the person who signed up for the exam is the one who is currently taking the exam.

You will be given two attempts to complete the exam. If you fail the first one, call us before your second attempt for a little coaching.

If you have any questions about the exam, get them answered before beginning the exam.

On the page that the following link opens, scroll down to the bottom and select the $45.00 exam Eng $35.00 Span. This is the one that you want, not the other options. The exam is presented by one of our VAR partners.

Our Food Manager Training program (recommended), will prepare you to take the Food Manager Exam and to be a legally certified Food Services Manager to manage a food establishment in the State of Texas.

The Texas Food Manager Exam is not an easy test. I have taken it many times and got tired of sweating bullets throughout the test. The correct answer is pressure, and the time limit is pressure. So, if you take advantage of our training Texas Food Manager, you will be properly prepared for the exam. Follow our suggestions, and you will not only pass the exam, you will pass it with no sweat. We guarantee it!

Since the Texas Food Manager position is a legal position (Senate Bill (SB) 582), that can put legal issues into your life, we recommend taking the training before taking the exam, to ensure that you are properly prepared for this legal responsibility. If something goes wrong, people start dying, you are first on the radar, “What are you doing here, and we want to see all your documentation, NOW.”

The only way out is to have proper documentation that the procedures you are using in this food preparation institution contain all proper precautions. We teach you how to document your procedures so that they say “Ok, you did everything right”, and start snooping somewhere else. (Health Department Officials have police powers.)

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